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If what uplifted our quality of life are textile, automotive, and electronics industries, the basis for these industries will be social basic industry. Under this belief, we feel we are making a substantial contribution in special vehicle manufacturing, a part of automotive industry which drives the industrial growth.

As a special vehicle manufacturer, Daeji Co., Ltd. has been growing along with the birth of special vehicle industry in South Korea. Founded in 1975, Daeji has the longest history in South Korean special vehicle industry. We provide special transportation vehicles such as chemical tank lorry, milk lorry, mobile service station, and aircraft refueler in addition to environment-related vehicles such as road sweeper, sewer cleaner, spray vehicle, vacuum-lorry, press pack, and arm roll. Lastly, we also manufacture asphalt spray vehicle, a construction equipment, and water cannon tank for demonstration control, and fire truck, making us a comprehensive maker of special vehicle manufacturing.

Daeji Co., Ltd. signed an OEM contract for special vehicles with Hyundai Motor in 1992 and is manufacturing approximately 400 special vehicles every year under the contract. Parts of the vehicles are being exported to various global locations via Hyundai Motor, and our emphasis is on manufacturing zero-defect special vehicle in accordance with Hyundai Motorí»s quality control system.

We will always be grateful for your business, think progressively, prioritize safety, and work our best to serve you.

Best regards,

Daeji CEO Hyo Sang Cho