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1. Suction tanker
2. Compound type
3. Jetting unit
Water tank Capacity( зд ) 5000 7000 12000
Material STS304 or Steel SS400
Shape Elliptical
Compartment 1
Baffle plate 1 2 3
Manhole 1 2 2
Over flow pipe Top of the tank
Level indicator Sight glass type, Tank rear position
Low level indicator Alarm device by electrical sensor
Tool box Both side of the tank
Ladder Attached at the both of the tank to access top of the tank
High pressure water pump Type Plunger pump
Pressure 167 bar 200 bar 240 bar
Flower rate 240L/min 210L/min 240L/min
Drive method The pump is mounted on midship of the vehicle and is driven by truck's engine through TOTAL P.T.O
Material of Piston Stainless with special cerimic coating
Filter Stainless water filter
Safety valve Pneumatic pressure regulation valve
Hydraulic hose reel Operating method Hydraulic control
Swiveling Manual rotation 180 вк
Size 3/4" x 80m 3/4" x 80m 1" x 100m
Manual hose reel 1/2" x 40m with gun nozzle
Control panel Rear position of the vehicle
Jet nozzles for cleaning
Paint Internal Epoxy coating( only steel water tank )
External Urethane
Ewer Cleaning Vehicle Specification
Application Scope of Vehicles 5 tons 8.5 tons 16 tons
Capacity of Tank 4000 liters 6000 liters 10000 liters
Material of Tank STEEL - SS400 6T(Body, Partition) - Optional SUS 304
Shape of Tank Round
Compartment Tube Type Compartment
Rear Tank Door Full Size Tank, Hydraulic Open/Close Device
Level Gauge Clear Acrylic, Half Circle Type, 3 each
Primary Overflow Blocking Device Front Manhole, Ball Type Overflow Blocking Device
Secondary Overflow Blocking Device Cyclone
Muffler Noise Control
Filter Prevent the inflow of foreign substances with Pump
Relief Valve Protect Tank during the suction & discharge operation
4 Way Valve Suction & discharge function by adjusting the air direction
Pump Type Rotary Vane Type Vacuum Pump or Blower
Pump Capacity (Air Dispense Volume, L/min) 15500 19200 23300
Suction/Discharge Valve 4" 5" 6"
Optional Specification High Pressure Pump 167bar/240Lmin 200bar/210Lmin 240bar/240Lmin
Hydraulic Hose Reel 3/4" x 80m 3/4" x 80m 1" x 100m
Customer Requirement of Water Tank
Suction Boom 4" 5" 6"
Paint Interior Select one among Epoxy Coating & Metalizing
Exterior Urethane - Heat Treated